Our organic milk – Proudly Nordic

There is so much more about Nutrinor’s Organic Milk than traceability. It has the uniqueness of being produced north of the 48th parallel. Simply put, it is our land’s best milk and produced only by a fortnight organic farms members of the Nutrinor Cooperative.


Sustainable agriculture is behind every one of our milk products!

Seeking to move forward into the future and fulfill its mission to its members, Nutrinor launched, in 2009, a sustainable development initiative accompanied by a top-tier organisation, the Quebec Centre for Sustainable Development (Centre québécois en développement durable (CQDD).

At the term of this rigorous process, Nutrinor committed to integrating sound sustainable development principles in each of its business sectors to continuously improve its environmental, social, and economic performance.

Profitable farms for its members, attractive working conditions offered by a top-rate employer, a healthy living environment, animals in good health and a region’s vitality, those are the sustainable development concepts behind every one of Nutrinor’s actions.  In short, the cooperative is continuously working to make sure producers evolve in a positive and constructive framework, protect natural resources such as the land, air, and water, go out of their way to make sure their animals are always in good health, and do their share to take Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean, such a vast territory, to the next level.


Milk made north of the 48th parallel

Located north of the 48th parallel, Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean is renowned for its Nordic bio-food products. The region’s geographical remoteness, particular weather conditions and low population density make natural and organic farming simpler. The uniqueness of Nutrinor’s Organic Milk lies in the environment it is produced in and the pasteurization technologies used. It has a longer shelf-life and tastes like no other.

The distinctive climate of northern regions is a determining factor in the processing of our products. And regardless of cutting-edge techniques, practices and knowhow, the location plays an undeniable role in the quality and uniqueness of the products we make.

Located in Alma, Nutrinor’s dairy processing plant is renowned as the most northerly in Quebec. The area’s weather conditions create a very nurturing ecosystem offering numerous benefits.

Nutrinor has nothing to hide!

100% traceable organic milk

Did you know that you can have access to the exact origins of the Nutrinor Organic Milk you enjoy everyday? Nutrinor’s traceability tool is one and only. Thanks to the agro-processing cooperative’s innovative minds, Nutrinor is the first and only Quebec-based dairy processor to offer consumers the possibility to trace the origin of their milk using the Internet.

Click here to trace your milk

Everything you need to know about our organic milk

The Nutrinor Cooperative has always pledged its transparency to its clients, and even more so when it comes to its organic agri-food products. The word “organic” always raises many relevant questions because consumers want to know more about organic products.

What is the difference between organic and other types of milk? Do cows producing organic milk live in special conditions? What does sustainable farming really mean for Nutrinor? These are but a few of the questions we come across on a daily basis!  Check our FAQs section to find the answers.