Produced exclusively north of the 48th parallel

Independent and local production

Drinking Nutrinor Milk is like savouring the best our land has to offer. Up here, winters are colder, and summers are cooler. Pure air is filtered by our forests and mountains, all of which are part of a balanced ecosystem that makes our lands, nestled in Saguenay Valley, green and highly fertile.

Our milk tastes fresh

Paying close attention to every detail of our supply chain and controlling our processes isn’t just for looks. The purer the grain, the hay, and the air, the better the milk, and our milk tastes like what cows eat.


The world is changing, but the same great taste remains!

We, at Nutrinor, dream of a greener planet… A fairer, more balanced world. We all strive for the same goal; that of becoming sustainable agriculture leaders. We may not be perfect yet, but we are moving forward with passion. To date, a hundred farms members of our cooperative, have signed Nutrinor’s Sustainable Agriculture Agreement. Our milk will always remain the same, but we intend on continuing to produce it with the greatest respect for communities and the environments they evolve in.

Our Lands

We use leading edge practices on our fields to maintain healthy lands and waterways. We work hand-in-hand with regional farm producers to minimise our carbon footprint and optimise the agro-biodiversity of farms.

Our People

Nutrinor has its people at heart. We are proud to work, day in and day out, with men and women that go all out to feed the population. Together, we ensure profitable farms, the wellbeing of producers and dynamic living environments.

Our Animals

Nutrinor holds animal welfare at heart, and we choose livestock farming methods that enable them to live as naturally as possible. We are always hard at work to offer the most wholesome and healthiest products.

What can sustainable agriculture do for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean?

100% Milk Traceability

When innovation equals transparency

Nutrinor has developed innovative information search tools so you can easily trace the origin of the dairy products you buy. That is our promise of end-to-end transparency. We shy away from nothing and take great pride in telling you exactly who is producing the milk you love and enjoy.

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