What does that mean, concretely?

The packaging itself is

The packaging itself is

Made of unbleached cardboard that uses fewer raw materials and is sourced from forests managed in an environmentally friendly manner.1

The manufacturing of our packaging

The manufacturing of our packaging

Produces fewer GHG2 thanks to a greener, more energy-efficient process.1

The remaining GHGs2 emissions

The remaining GHGs2 emissions

Are offset by monitored greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-reduction projects.

We’re committed to going even further.

Carbon-offset transportation

Our trucks carry milk from farms to the dairy and from the dairy to retailers. So, naturally, they produce greenhouse gas (GHG) which have to be offset. For instance, our GHG offsets add up to about 1,300 automobiles driving from Montreal to Vancouver!



And that’s just the beginning.

We also offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) our dairy plant produces.

To help quantify the GHGs we need to offset, we first identify each area where we consume energy. Whether it’s gas or electricity, the energy used by our employees to go from one place to another, or our residual waste management, we take every use of energy into account so we can accurately quantify the efforts we need to make in the future and the offsets required today.

How do we achieve that?


Sustainable micro-projects

75% of our carbon offsets are reinvested in various sustainable projects in Quebec.

Thousands of trees planted

Planting trees in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region compensates for the remaining 25% of our GHG emissions.

Changing the world one milk carton at a time. Yes, we can!

Especially if everyone does their fair share.
Because every little sustainable action helps make change possible.

At Nutrinor, we’ve decided to act now by focusing on the elements we know we can change.

Does our commitment make a real difference?

Our current environmental situation is the result of the actions of billions of people. And while large-scale industries play a significant role in energy consumption, waste management, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we have to remember that every little action counts! And together, they all add up to a remarkable wave of change that can have a real, positive impact on our environment.

Milk is a vital part of the daily lives of millions of families. So, it’s important for us to seize this opportunity and make a lasting difference. At Nutrinor, we’re doing all we can, taking every possible measure to produce quality northern milk that offers a fresh, pure taste, is the product of sustainable farming, comes in carbon-neutral containers, and is delivered to your retailer using carbon-offset transportation.

This wave of change is made up of all the little steps we’re taking together, and that’s something Nutrinor is proud to believe in.

Is it all just another way to ease our conscience?

Let’s be honest. Much needs to be done on our planet to improve the situation. Some things are more difficult to change and they take more time. Obviously, our business can’t make all the difference by itself, but it can make A difference.

Our transition to carbon-neutral packaging and carbon offsets aren’t simply one-off gestures. They’re part of our sustained, collective effort to change things in a real, lasting manner.

All of our actions are true to our Nutrinor Sustainable Agricultural Pact (PADN), which clearly states our environmental, economic, and social vision and the ways we’ll achieve our goals.

The PADN is also a structuring plan that unites and supports each one of our signatory members, who have jointly committed to transitioning their farms to a sustainable agricultural model, featuring specific efforts, like ethical breeding methods on our dairy farms.

For us, making the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region a leader in sustainable farming and economic growth is a real commitment. And every single one of our actions is aligned with that objective.

If we didn’t believe in it, we wouldn’t be striving to achieve it.

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