Milk traceability

What does Nutrinor traceability mean exactly?

In our modern agri-food world, transparency and quality are at the heart of consumer concerns. It is the reason why the Nutrinor Cooperative has, over the years, implemented a traceability process for the large majority of the milk it processes. By doing so, it provides easy access to a variety of information, such as the farms the milk comes from, milking and pick up times, and packaging dates at its facility.

Our traceability process aims to keep consumers informed and enables them to know exactly which dairy farms Nutrinor’s Nutripur™ lactose-free, Barista and organic products come from.

The Nutrinor Cooperative knows each member by their first names, and we take great pride in putting their families and work in the limelight. Trace you milk and get to know the members behind the milk you enjoy every day!



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Your questions about Nutrinor dairy product traceability

Nutrinor strives to do things differently. Indeed, we want to take the lead, and we continuously seek to innovate because we have a sound vision, we work together, and we grow through on-going improvement.

What is the expiration date?

Date by which the product should be stored if kept under suitable conditions (between 1 ° C and 4 ° C). This date is written at the top of the container of the dairy product.

What is traceability?

Traceability is the information that allows the movement and flow of milk to be followed through the stages of production. Thus, traceability gives you the opportunity to discover the farms where the milk in your container comes from. By providing the information on the packaging, you will find the dates of milking, farm picking and bottling by our cooperative. It offers a security element allowing better protection for you, consumers! It therefore allows you to trace dairy products from farm to table and obtain additional information on the product you are consuming.