The owners

The farm is owned by Claude Gilbert and Chantale Laforest with their children, Jason L. Gilbert and Nady Gilbert. It is a family business passed down through the generations. Founded in 1944 by Joseph Gilbert, it was bequeathed in 1961 to his son Magella Gilbert, father of Claude Gilbert. Magella acquired several pieces of land before he died in 1989. Claude then became the owner of the farm in 1990 with his wife, Chantale Laforest. Their children, Jason and Nady, became shareholders and co-owners in 2012. The co-owners share a great sense of teamwork.


In the past, the farm’s production included milk, grain and beef. Now, the focus is on dairy production. The farm has been organic since 2009 (fields and milk), and its owners began new construction work in 2012. They now have 90 milking cows in loose housing and on pasture during the summer.