It makes our milk unique

Produced with minimum ingredients

Nutrinor chooses to limit the number of ingredients that go into its Nordic Milk, creams, and flavoured milk beverages. The cooperative uses only dairy products made in Canada, in order to have perfect control over the ingredients used and deliver end-to-end quality to our customers.

Milk produced near you!

In an industry dominated by large food processing and distribution companies, Nutrinor admirably stands out thanks to its client-base, whose unshakable loyalty has been running for decades. Indeed, our customers seek local dairy products made with the highest quality standards.

And Nutrinor dairy products are not just about milk! They let you savour the distinctive taste of the region’s terroir and add pleasure to your every meal! Our customers simply can’t do without them!

Milk produced north of the 48th parallel

Located north of the 48th parallel, Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean is renowned for its Nordic bio-food products. The remoteness of its territory, climate, and low urban density make natural and organic harvesting much simpler.

The environment it is produced in and the pasteurization technologies used give Nutrinor’s Nordic milk that special little something. It has a longer shelf-life and tastes like no other! The very particular climate conditions of Northern regions are a determining factor in the production of dairy products. Over and above Nutrinor’s world-class methods, practices, and know-how, the land undeniably makes an immense difference.