A cream for your every need!

15% Cooking Cream

You should always have this cream in your fridge! Nutrinor is constantly innovating to make sure its dairy product processing is at the forefront, and its 15% cream is no exception. It contains an emulsifier – a food additive that is indispensable to mix and stabilize fat and water, just like for cooking cream. Nutrinor’s 15% cream reacts well to heat which makes it perfect for cooking sauces, pastas and even quiches. However, it cannot be whipped. But no need to worry, we have a product for that too!

32% and 35% Whipping Creams

Part of Nutrinor’s product line, these two delicious creams are the most versatile for your recipes. They resist very well to heat and remain homogenous during cooking. Furthermore, their fat levels, which are higher than 15% cream, make them easy to whip! Nutrinor is the only Quebec-based dairy plant (exclusive product) offering a 32% whipping cream!

35% Cooking Cream

Now here is a velvety-smooth cream if ever there was one! Even when heated, it remains homogenous and maintains its properties. It’s perfect for your recipes! A definite must-have in your fridge!

Milk produced near you!

In an industry dominated by large food processing and distribution companies, Nutrinor admirably stands out thanks to its client-base, whose unshakable loyalty has been running for decades. Indeed, our customers seek local dairy products made with the highest quality standards.

Nutrinor dairy products are more than just milk! They let you savour the distinctive taste of the region’s terroir and add pleasure to your every meal! Our customers simply can’t do without them!

Want to know more about our creams?

With a vast line of creams with only light differences, it is only normal for consumers to want to know more about their characteristics. Can fresh cream be boiled? How can I keep cream from turning sour? Our FAQs section will provide you with the answers you need.