The owners

R.C.A. Thivierge farm is a family-run dairy farm. Claude Thivierge took over from his parents, Aline Chouinard and Rosaire Thivierge. Currently, Claude Thivierge and his nephew Maxime Girard are the two owners.


The farm is located in an area surrounded by woods and ridges. Fodder crops and pasture are the best use of these parcels of land. Replacement animals and dry cows have access to the pastures during the summer. The addition of corn silage to the farm’s crops over the past two years has improved fodder self-sufficiency and reduced the amount of grain purchased from outside the farm, while also improving production per cow. Maxime has taken on more and more responsibilities, having been active on the farm since he was very young. Maxime is also a director for the Union de producteurs agricoles in Lac-St-Jean Est and, during the summer, he plays softball for a team in his village.