The owners

The Ferme Patrimoniale de Saint-Augustin has been owned by Serge Leboeuf since 1992. He took over from his father and grandfather, who began clearing the land together in 1949. His son Judes would like to take over one day.


The land now has 300 cultivated acres producing hay and grain. Mr. Leboeuf keeps Canadian cows. They feed on semi-moist round bales and ground grain. During the summer, the cows have access to the pasture. Mr. Leboeuf started the organic adventure in 1996 with his fields. He stopped using chemical fertilizers and pesticides so that he could work more closely with the natural cycles of his plants. He uses natural means to control elements that can harm the crop. Mr. Leboeuf then had his dairy production accredited by Ecocert Canada in 2007. Mr. Leboeuf’s values include respect for the soil and the animals. His cows face as little stress as possible. He aims for balance in his production. He is proud to own a herd of Canadian cows because, in his view, the milk produced by these rustic cows has a rich taste, typical of this land.