The owners

Founded by Mario’s father in 1955, the farm began with just 10 cows. In 1990, Mario arrived on the farm, which now has 35 cows and 220 acres of land. Mario Tremblay acts as a mentor for younger generations and takes care of the accounting and the fields. Sandrine is responsible for managing the herd. Marc-Olivier also takes care of the herd, as well as feeding and field management. Annabelle participates in the farm and field operations.


In 2002, the farm was modernized and silos were added for hay and corn silage. In 2017, two robots were installed to automate some farm operations. The new generation came on board in 2020, and barley and canola were added to the crops in rotation with fodder. The farmers are keen to promote the quality of life and welfare of their animals. The cows are free-range. Their health and the animals’ comfort allow for better management of the herd, easier handling and better productivity. The cows also produce high-quality milk.