The owners

The Damajo farm is a family business passed down from generation to generation. Marie-Josée took over her father’s farm with her husband, Luc Bernier, in 2000 and officially became co-owner. David, Marie-Josée’s brother, has been working on the farm with them since 2005 and officially became co-owner in 2020.

The farm

The Damajo farm is a dairy and grain farm that switched to organic in 2006 for the fields and in 2017 for milk. The farm now has 60 milking cows and 480 cultivated acres of land. The owners made renovations in 2017 to introduce loose housing and a milking robot. The herd has access to the pasture during the summer. The owners are forward-thinking, focusing on the health of the soil and the animals, as well as their quality of life.